Sitting at my desk, working for ‘the man’, listening to every audio book under the sun.

I didn’t hate my job, but I was constantly searching for answers. A greater purpose to life. Something that would bring me lasting happiness.

From Anthony Robbins audios, to ‘the Power’, ‘The Power of NOW’, ‘The Secret’, ‘Feel the ‘Fear and do it Anyway’, Law of Attraction books, ‘Big Magic’, Abraham-Hicks teachings, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, positive mindset videos, meditations, you name it – if it was promising me joy, happiness or inner peace, I was listening to it or reading it.

But nothing ever permanently shifted. Something would always block me. Fear. Ego. The little voice inside my head.

I wanted to live with drive and passion.  I wanted to be the very best version of myself. And I wanted to fall back in love with life.. and with myself (I know it’s taboo to say that but screw it – so many of us lack self love these days which is the cause of most of our problems).  So I decided to do everything.  All at once.

And then it just hit me. I found my purpose. My mission is for you to get complete clarity of what it is you really want & to help you experience all that your heart desires.

The beautiful thing about this and what most people don’t understand is what you desire and what you seek is actually seeking you.

I’ll provide you with specific tools & techniques either through 1:1 coaching or the ‘Bliss to Bizz 6-Week Transformation’ Program that you can use for a lifetime. You will learn how to get into & stay in your ‘feel good’ channel & gain skills to help you achieve ANYTHING you want.

We’ll get CLEAR on your goals, create POWER & feeling behind these goals to create momentum, force & DRIVE through a mixture of mindset strategy, expanding you boundary conditions (the excuses you’ve been giving yourself), changing your belief system, and applying the Law of Attraction techniques for RAPID growth & change. i.e Getting you to where you want to be, like, NOW.

Your soul has been waiting to wake up to its own existence for YEARS! What are you waiting for?