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Are you IGNORANT or just plain STUPID?

Yes, not your typical uplifting and inspiring content from me... But hear me out... The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… YEP. TRUE. How is this relevant to your life? Well, like it or not, you are you a sum total or your mum and dads beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, love, health… basically [...]

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How to ACTUALLY live a ‘freedom’ lifestyle..

Warning: This may be the shortest blog post you've ever read. I got inspired half way through my morning run today whilst all the endorphins where rushing through me, still on a high from Joel Brown's 'Millions Online' workshop (no this is not a plug, but it was pretty phenomenal, so if you have an [...]

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10 Ways to Rapidly Raise Your Vibrations!

Hey legend! So what is your vibration and why would you want to raise it? Well, everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, even you. The higher you vibrate, the better your reality – I’m talking Your finances. Your health. Your relationships. Everything. Simply put, a low vibration translates [...]

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It’s YouTube time! WARNING: You may be inspired to like, do shit.

Hello superstar - visit my Youtube channel for inspirational videos, life hacks, free coaching, free meditations, and LOTS more. Honestly, if you can't afford coaching, tis cool, I got ya back. But do remember this: For MOST people, when they pay little or NO money, they pay little or NO ATTENTION. When they pay a lot of [...]

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Manifest Your Secret Million Dollar Idea Today.

Read me, then watch me if you're serious about discovering that million-dollar secret you hold. What are you waiting for? The time is now. This is hands-down the ONE THING that changed my life. A part of me doesn't want to tell you how much Transcendental Meditation has impacted my life in a positive way because then you'll [...]

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My Secret Manifesting 5-Step Process

I know you wanna get to the good stuff, so lets get straight into it. You can either watch the video (much more entertaining if you ask me) or follow the following steps: Step 1: Set Your Intention. And WHY you want to manifest this specific thing. Be super clear. One thing at a [...]

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7 Secrets to Modern Day Manifesting

STEP 1.  Write out your story Write out a vision letter to yourself. Seriously. Start: Dear Alex, holy fuck you made it happen… etc. Write it as if it’s already happened and your future self is writing back to you what you have already manifested. Really connect with exactly what it is you want. What [...]

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